Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted

Why You Don't Know What You're Eating &
What You Can Do About It


Four years ago when I started writing articles for Forbes and other outlets about Fake Food scandals, and started researching my book, Real Food, Fake Food, I felt like I was the only voice in the wilderness. But in the past year the topic has gotten a lot more attention, and now it seems as if new scandals are breaking almost every week. I want consumers to know as much as they can about the topic, so I have compiled a list of recent examples, as well as some stories about what is being done to combat the problem.

60 Minutes: Don’t Fall Victim To Olive Oil Fraud.

Inside Edition: Restaurant Lobster Dishes Have Little Or No Lobster

CBS News New York Channel 2: Spiked Spices. Half of samples CBS tested were adulterated.

Tampa Bay Times: Farm to Fable. “IF YOU EAT FOOD, you are being lied to every day.”

Forbes: Food’s Biggest Scam – The Great Kobe Beef Lie. If you see Japan’s famous beef on a menu, you are almost certainly being ripped off.

The Telegraph: Food fraud in the UK Costs £1.17billion a year. Toxic vodka and pet food meat given to humans. That Olive Oil You’re Cooking With? It’s Probably Fake. And that's just one example of food fraud.
Interview with Real Food, Fake Food author Larry Olmsted

Bloomberg: The Parmesan Cheese You Sprinkle on Your Penne Could Be Wood.

Inside Edition: Wood Pulp In Parmesan. 69% of samples from stores and chains exceed FDA recommendations for wood, including Pizza Hut and Domino’s.

Inside Edition: Most Kobe Beef Is Fake: Only 8 restaurants in country sell real thing, but plenty of others have it on menu.

Forbes: Fake Fish On Shelves And Restaurant Tables Across USA, New Study Says

Telegraph: Manuka Honey Fraud – What Else is Fake In Our Food?

New York Times: Italy Moves to Toughen Penalties for Olive Oil Fraud

Washington Post: Scientists are using chemistry to fight off counterfeit coffee  What Is Honey Laundering? The Scary Truth Behind the Honey Sold in Grocery Stores

Boston Globe: He called all the fish haddock, even if they weren’t.

Hakai Magazine: Like Shazam, but for Fish. A new device uses infrared waves to rapidly identify species and fight fish fraud.

New York Times: In Vino Veritas. In Napa, Deceit.

Forbes: Most Parmesan Cheeses In America Are Fake, Here's Why

Inside Edition: For the Love of Cod! Some Restaurants Are Serving Cheaper Fish Than What's on the Menu, Investigation Finds.

NY Times: Extra Virgin Suicide: The Adulteration of Italian Olive Oil

MSN: Fake Food - You'll Never Guess What You're Really Eating (19 Fakes).

Food & Wine: I Just Found Out Canned Pumpkin Isn't Pumpkin At All, And My Whole Life is Basically a Lie.

Post & Courier: Sticky Situation - Truly Local Honey Producers Face Competition from Unregulated Fakes. Seafood Fraud is Literally Everywhere.

Wall Street Journal Live (Video): Beware of Fake Fish in Restaurants and Seafood Shops.

Forbes: Exclusive Book Excerpt - Honey is World's Third Most Faked Food.

National Consumers League: Consumer Group Finds 6 Out of 11 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Products Mislabeled; Calls for Stricter Oversight.

Olive Oil Times: Olive Oil Scandal Uncovered in France.


Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted
Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted
Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted
Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted
Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted
Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted
Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted
Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted
Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted
Real Food Fake Food Larry Olmsted